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Elegant Marble Floral Wedding Invitation WIP039

26 Reviews SKU:WIP039 $1.50


Invitation Info
Invitation Card Dimensions: 5.00 x 7.28 in (w x h)
Response Card Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 in (w x h)
Reception Card Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 in (w x h)
Thank You Note: 5 x 3.5 in (w x h)
Outer Envelope: 7.50 x 5.56 in (w x h)
Envelopes for Other Cards: 5.25 x 3.75 in (w x h)
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Customer Reviews (26)

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  • By Lauryn.
Very cheap, very kind person, and the shipment very very fast! 
  • By Amanda.
They sell gorgeous invitations with much cheaper price!! Very very good shopping experience with them.
  • By Anna.
Very much thanks, very professional shop!
  • By Sarah.
Such sweet looking cards and great quality! I love them!
  • By Lauren.
Weddinginvitespaper is so great! The shipping is SO QUICK:) thanks Weddinginvitespaper!
  • By Fadel.
AMAZING custom designs! This shop is super willing to work with you until you have what you want.
  • By Maricela.
Love you all! Exactly my floral wedding invitations are wonderful!  Whether the thickness or the printed detail are comfortable and suitable for my garden wedding, and we just waited for short time for our invites, they are packaged very well. I will buy my wedding favors in your shop, thanks!
  • By Kristi.
Just sent you guys email to express my happiness! You are soooo amazing! We received our invitation in 7 days and whole process was nice and sweet! Your service team member Lily is sweet and patient to solve y problems and she is wiling to work with us, the sweetest thing is that she sent the draft pin to us by email, and checked our delivery, thanks! I will recommend your shop to all my friends!
  • By Shayra.
We fond this wedding invitation on INS, and my fiance just likes this kind of wedding invitations, so we bought 200 invites for a try, and now I want 200 invitations more! We were a little bot worried about quality, but now we are excited in the high quality invites! 
  • By Heu.
My fiance is crazy about the wedding invitations, and he can’t wait to send them out! To be honest, he did not agree that I decided to order our invites online and he was stressed out a lot. I was also a little bit worried, but the service team comforted me that they would check each wedding invitation carefully, now I believe my invitations are packaged with love and sweet, thanks!
  • By Sam.
Floral lace wedding invitations can’t be more adorable like this! I am totally excited in the wedding invitation and can’t wait to send them out! The most meaningful thing  to me is that I saved lot of money on wedding invitations and we plan to spend the saving on honeymoon travel.
  • By Ashley.
I saw this invitation on INS and I was attracted to the elegant floral wedding invitation! It is so adorable and amazing when I received them. The whole invitation is made of high quality and every detail is delicate. Service staff Wendy kept contact with us and she helped us to choose the font and color, the sweetest thing is that she sent us each draft when we designed different font! Thanks! I will be always your customer!
  • By Brooke.
Actually I did not want to order online before I met WIP, and this kind invitation was totally attracted my eyes! But I was worried about the quality, so I only order 150 invites, now I regret in that, now I want to order 100 more.
  • By Lea.
Love the floral shape! The every thing is gorgeous! I must appreciate to everything you did for our invitations, I was careless to check the address and you guys are just so careful to find this mistake! I will be your customer forever!
  • By Kanaan.
I was hesitated in buying or not, and was too afraid to ask too many questions to the service team, they are just so nice to answer me with patience and give me recommendation. Thanks to them, I found my favorite wedding invitations  and my family are all happy with those invitations. I just want to appreciate your work and I will be always your customer.
  • By Windy.
These blush pink invitations are nice, they will pop with my garden wedding very well. The thickness of paper is suitable and comfortable, the printing details are delicate, every thing is great.  The staff in WIP is very professional and gave me many suggestions of font and color, I will recommend your shop to my friends.
  • By Isabella.
The gold foil wedding invitations are stunning and gorgeous! All my families love them! They are surprised in that I bought so great invites in half money of my plan. To  be honest, I was a little bit worried about the deliver, but the service promised that if there is any break or folded, they will be responsible for it. And now I believe that my invitations are packaged with love, and thanks!
  • By Bouquillon.
My friends are shocked in my invites when I posted to my FB, they are surprised in those gorgeous invites and they make joke that if I spend all budget on invitations, absolutely no! I just spent less than I planned in the invitations and I want to use the saving in my honeymoon trip. The invitations are stunning and adorable! If you are still hesitated, just trust me and buy them, you will be surprised and happy as I am.
  • By Namiah.
The blush pink floral wedding invitations are attractive and adorable, I exactly love the wedding invitations! Elegant wedding invitation like this is definitely stunning and lovely, and I think this wedding invitation is suitable for my rustic wedding! The deliver is so quick and my invites are packaged completely! Thanks!
  • By Lisa.
My fiance loves these invitations! I guess our guests will be WOW like him when they receive our wedding invitations. It is just comfortable and nice experience in WIP, my invitations turned out great, the package is complete, and the deliver is faster than we thought, everything is perfect! Only thing I regret is that I ordered less! I will buy my wedding favors in your shop and recommend your shop to all my friends.
  • By Payton.
Exactly my perfect wedding invitations! I just received our gorgeous wedding invitations and every thing is great! The gold foil glitter letter has great visual effect and touch feeling. The deliver was quicker and there is no break and folded, just thanks! I was worried about the bad package and deliver, I will buy our wedding favor on your shop! Thanks!
  • By Leeandria.
The elegant floral wedding invitations are quite nice, my fiance is shocked when he saw them. I like the customization, and we chose the font and color with gold filter letter, it turned out pretty good! Your team staff Eva is so patient and lovely, she helped us a lot, and just called us for a little detail we did not notice before, you are great! Thanks!
  • By Alejandra.
I can’t express my happiness now! They are definitely gorgeous! The blush pink, the letters, even the touch feeling, everything is completely perfect! The service team is very helpful to solve our problems and they are willing to work with us, they gave us many useful suggestions. I will recommend your products to my friends.
  • By Georgia.
Blush pink plus floral are definitely my favorite things! Just love this elegant wedding invitation! The shape and the thickness of wedding paper are suitable and I love the touch feeling! It also has gorgeous appearance and the visual effect is stunning and attractive! I guess that no one could deny this adorable wedding invitations! 
  • By savannah.
The invitations turned out great, and we wonder if you have the same kind of table marks? We also need the same color candy pockets. The blush pink invitations are great and fresh feeling, my fiance and I want to buy the same table marks, if you sold the same products, please contact us , thanks!
  • By Sammie.
All my family love my invitations! They are excited in these elegant wedding invites when I told them that I spent just half of the wedding invitation budget. Actually I was a little bit doubt about the price and started to worry about the quality when I ordered 200 invites, but the service staff comforted us and they are helpful to solve my problems.