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Pink ombre watercolor wedding invitations, spring weddings, summer weddings, beach weddings, cheap wedding invitations, vintage weddings WIP028

27 Reviews SKU:WIP028 $1.46


Invitation Info
Invitation Card Dimensions:6.10 x 6.10 in (w x h)
Response Card Dimensions:5.00 x 3.50 in (w x h)
Reception Card Dimensions:3.937 x 3.937 in (w x h)
Thank You Note:5.00 x 3.50 in (w x h)
Free envelopes are white color, if you want other color, please contact us [email protected]

Invitation Card Dimensions:5.00 x 7.28 in (w x h)

Response Card Dimensions:5 x 3.5 in (w x h)

Reception Card Dimensions:5 x 3.5 in (w x h)

Thank You Note:5 x 3.5 in (w x h)

Free envelopes are white color, if you want other color,

please contact us [email protected]

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Customer Reviews (27)

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  • By Sabrina .
Such a great invitation! So nervous before receiving the wonderful invites. Great at each detail and came just as described! 
  • By aimee.
Gorgeous, nice person to work with! Very great seller and quality invitations!  Highly recommend to my friends.
  • By aimee.
Gorgeous, nice person to work with! Very great seller and quality invitations!  Highly recommend to my friends.
  • By Telli.
I love our wedding invitation. Emma was great to work with. She is so kind and amazing! Order shipped quickly. Thank you for making everything perfect!
  • By sammie.
I ordered my invitation on very short notice and was very pleased with the level of service. I was able to get these printed just in time. Thanks again for working with me!!!!
  • By Kim.
 Absolutely love our gorgeous wedding invites! They turned out just perfect and modern! I can’t wait to send them out right now to let our friends know that how beautiful our wedding invites are! The suitable thickness and elegant watercolor, everything brings us great feeling and visual effect! I guess that our guests will be impressed with our fantastic invitations! The service team kept close contact with us and they helped us a lot, so sweet they are! I will recommend your shop to everyone!
  • By Nguyen.
I have already recommended your shop to all my friends! The invites and service are totally perfect! Your service team is patient enough to comfort me about the stress before wedding, and gave me many useful advice! The invites are made in high quality and they are attractive, which will leave our guests deep expression! The simple and rustic wedding invitation design is just wonderful to worth buy! If you are hesitated in buy this invite, and buy it! They will never let you down!
  • By Melchor .
The fantastic wedding invites in watercolor style is just amazing and will leave our guests nice expression. We are so glad to share our wedding invites to you! The modern design and wonderful watercolor let me remind the days of childhood, and my fiance is fond of the great quality print, so excited!
  • By Brown.
Sorry for delay the review! I want to appreciate the great service with your service, I was very nervous with order the invites online and my mom was worried about the deliver and quality of invites until I received the invites the day  before yesterday, I am surprised with the gorgeous appearance and high quality of invites, my mom is happy with the letters print and she is writing down the guests’ name, hope them love the invites too.
  • By Gonzalez.
Want to give hug to every one in WIP! You guys are amazing! I am very excited in the fantastic appearance. And the deliver was so quick that I received my invites in one week! And the custom team is so professional and sweet to let us check the package if it was break, it certainly is complete and great! Thank you!
  • By Miles.
Can’t believe that these high quality can be so cheap and adorable! The rustic style matches with our outdoor wedding, the attractive appearance brings us great visual effect, and every one love our invites! The people in WIP are all carefully and patient to help us design invites, package our invites, and check our deliver, how sweet you guys are! I will recommend your shop to all my friends! LOVE
  • By Genç.
My friends can’t believe that I bought so great invites at such a great price! And we are so glad to tell them your shop name, just let you know you guys are wonderful! The watercolor design is exciting and creative, which has attached everyone’s eyes on it, and the biggest surprise is that we can design the font and color we want! And absolutely love this customization! The service team gave us many advice and helped us to design, thanks!  I will buy my wedding favors from your shop, thanks!
  • By Stromberg.
At first, I never took the white invites into my consideration, but this wedding invitation unlike others is a kind of elegant and nice color match at reasonable price. I ordered 200 invites and RSVP and received in 7 days, the service is so helpful and sweet to remain me to check the package!
  • By Moore.
My mom was worried about the quality of invites, and she was disagreed with that I ordered such an important thing online, but I knew I made right decision, cuz my friend recommended this shop to me, and I believed that the invites would not let me down. Now I received my perfect invites, and my mom is happy to agree my previous decision, she is busy to write down the name of guests. 
  • By volquartsen.
People in WIP are just wonderful! They helped us to check the deliver and packaged our invites very well, so we received our invites without any break. The wedding invites are designed in simple and modern style, which bring us brand new feeling to invites! My friends and family all love my invites, and they are surprised in the friendly price! I will recommend your shop to all my friends and I will be your customer forever!
  • By Jones.
Love you guys! You just saved me from the stressed and endless process of choosing suitable wedding invitations! We were quite tired and bored with searching the invites, and  my fiance was busy to work, so actually when we have already ran out, your shop was recommended by my friend who bought the invites from yours before, and we felt relaxed and comfortable after you recommended this kind of invite, that’s no better than this! We ordered 200 invites and the deliver was just quick, we received our perfect invites today! Everything is exactly we want! Thanks a lot!
  • By Roffler.
I still remember my friend’s word, “The invites and service are totally great”, which made me choose your product without any hesitated, my friend (actually is also my bridesmaid) has received her cousin’s invite and she got your shop name, and we are so happy now to share our perfect invites! The simple and modern wedding invites design unlike any colorful invite, are made in high quality that brings great touch feeling! The contact with WIP was sweet and patient, they would always gave you useful advice, and so much love!
  • By ashley.
WIP just did fantastic job! The invites turned out so great and attractive! I knew that this invitation will be great in simple floral and modern design, but they are much more beautiful than I can image!  The thickness of invite is comfortable and suitable, also the invites have nice touch feeling! The people in WIP are all patient, they helped us to design the color and design of letter and contacted us closely during the whole ordering!
  • By Marshall.
The exciting experience of ordering my perfect invites is sweet and lovely. The service team helped us to design the font and color, they also helped us to check the deliver and package! So sweet they are. The invites turned out great and nice that has high quality and will leave our guests great impression
  • By Dennis.
Fabulous floral wedding invites are exactly we want! So excited to receive these invites today and the deliver is just sooo quick! Both of us just graduated from college, so we don’t have too much budget on invites actually, and we have to search the affordable invites, finally we got this! The most attractive invites we got are made in high quality and perfect without any mistake and break. The print details are exactly we want,and thanks for your work!
  • By Chavez.
Elegant and chic our wedding invitations are! So glad to receive our invites! And we can’t express how perfect them are! Delicate details, wonderful papers, and nice touch feeling, everything is exactly my dreamed invites! My fiance is now busy to share our invites on FB, and he is willing to send invites out right now, and the invites are made in quite high quality, so lovely  they are!
  • By Alvarado.
Ordered my invites at half of money I was going to spend on and they turned out just amazing and fantastic. The people in WIP worked with us whole process of order and they are so patient that replied us any request. The invites have beautiful appearance and reasonable price! So love my invites!
  • By Brooks.
I can’t believe that I can buy so great wedding invites in such price! To be honest, the affordable price is my first motivation of buying this kind invite, but then I found the great floral and elegant appearance of it, finally I ordered 250 invites. The service team contacted closely with me during whole process, and  I believe they are packaged with love!
  • By slater.
The burgundy watercolor designed wedding invitations have great quality to leave all guests deep impression. We are so excited to have our wedding invites earlier than we thought. The paper is made in high quality, so it touches very well and every detail looks so clear and romantic. My fiance love the watercolor very much, and I love the simple design absolutely. The service team helped us to design the font and color, and they contacted us closely during the whole wedding.
  • By Huynh Lu.
My fiancé wants the invites mysterious and I hope my invites lovely and elegant, so we are tired of looking for the invites that meets our require at the same time, when we were going  to give up, he found this invite, and we decided to buy this one immediately. But we were worried about the quality and deliver after ordering,  but the deliver was so quick in 7 days, and the service contacted closely during whole process, and they are so professional and helpful!
  • By Laverny.
We love the fantastic wedding invites! The design is amazing and unbelievable that we decided to buy when we saw it. The invites are just exactly we want with ever thing is perfect! The thickness of paper is suitable and comfortable, the font and color are quite beautiful! THANKS!
  • By Koivumaa.
The wedding invites from wedding invites paper are well thought and attractive, I want to send out invites to my friends right now! The deliver is so quick and package is excellent. I can’t express enough how happy I received these vintage wedding invites, and I will recommend my friends when they are married.