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Christmas Winter Rustic White and Black Wedding Invitation WIP051

14 Reviews SKU:WIP051 $1.20


Invitation Info
Invitation Card Dimensions: 5.00 x 7.28 in (w x h)
Response Card Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 in (w x h)
Reception Card Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 in (w x h)
Thank You Note: 5 x 3.5 in (w x h)
Outer Envelope: 7.50 x 5.56 in (w x h)
Envelopes for Other Cards: 5.25 x 3.75 in (w x h)
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Customer Reviews (14)

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  • By Waln.
The invitations are absolutely gorgeous! I have gotten many compliments on them. Emma was extremely helpful and easy to work with throughout the whole process. Couldn't be happier!!
  • By Narihan.
You have no ideas how depressed when we searched for invitations about two weeks until my friend recommended us this shop! The invitations are adorable and amazing! And the nice appearance of invitations are attractive enough in my winter wedding.
  • By Monique.
Love the snow shape in invitation! The invitations made in high quality and are so delicate and special in my Christmas wedding! It looks stylish and modern, add to the perfect snow, that’s awesome!
  • By kristi.
I was unhappy with the black papers but liked the shape of invitation, and the customization service was sooooo sweet! I asked the service team if they can change the black to red, and they said YES! Now I get my Christmas wedding invitations! They are adorable and nice, the most important thing is that the reasonable prince which means I just pay half of my planned in invites to get our fantastic invitations!
  • By Hannah.
LOVE THE SERVICE TEAM!!!! They are so nice and careful! I filled the wrong street and did not realize this mistake until they called me to check the address! I want to appreciate your sweet and careful work, you guys are perfect! I will be always your customer and I will recommend your shop to all my friends!
  • By Matthew.
Certainly wonderful and great wedding invitations! They turned out perfect. I want to buy the same style table mark and if you sold plz contact us, thanks!
  • By Tim.
The customization service is amazing and great, and we received our fantastic wedding invitations. We’ve searched for several day with nothing we both love until I saw this one! The service team told that we can design the color and font by ourselves, and they helped us to pick and design the invitations. Now I receive our perfect invitations! Certainly modern and chic! Thanks!
  • By Libby.
These fantastic wedding invitations arrived yesterday and still now I am too excited to describe how perfect they are! If you want to have special wedding invitations! PLEASE LOOK AT THIS ONE! They are soooooo adorable! You can choose the color and font with contacting service team! And I gonna to write down my guests’ name on our unbelievable invitations! And LOVE WIP !!!!
  • By Isabella.
The special wedding invitations are adorable and gorgeous! They are perfect to match up with my winter rustic wedding ceremony! I can’t wait to send them to all my friends and families!
  • By Alyssa.
I will recommend your invitations to all my friends! They turned out just like the pin shows! I saw this invitation on Pinterest, and I was attracted by its special shape, so clicked in your website, then so excited in the nice price! I can’t express the happiness when I received my fantastic wedding invitations!
  • By Haleigh.
My mom was very worried about the quality of invitation bought online, and I was definitely relaxed cuz I received the WIP invitations from my friend before. The shop just did not let me down, the invitations turned out certainly perfect and special, every detail is great and nice!
  • By Madi.
So love my invitations! They are special and wonderful! I was worried about the quality of invitations when I ordered invitations, but now I am excited and amazed in these fantastic invitations! My fiance can’t wait to send the invites out!
  • By Samantha.
The special snow winter wedding invitations are more amazing than we thought! I was surprised in the nice price and 15% discount, so I ordered 240 invites and each of them turned out perfect! They will surprise our guests too!
  • By Anthony.
You have no ideas how depressed when we searched about two weeks for invitations with nothing we want until my friend recommended us this shop! The invitations are adorable and amazing! And the nice appearance of invitations are attractive enough in my winter wedding.